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Special occasions call for a dress that would compliment the event that you will attend to. You need to be prepared for extra special occasions like weddings, your formal date, formal birthday parties, and of course, your junior-senior prom night. At this time in life, you experience the turning point of being a lady; for this reason, you need to have the perfect dress that would not only make you stand out among the crowd but would also make you feel beautiful from within.

The perfect dress that is being referred to is the designer prom dress. For so many reasons, teenagers trust on this type of dress to make them look and feel good about themselves during that special night.

How to Dress for a Casual Night Out - Women

1. Fill in your lips with a color darker than what you would use during the day.

2. Try parting your hair differently, in a zigzag or oblique line, or pulling it back with a hairband crusted with shiny beads.

3. Layer your tops so you can toss outer layers if it gets warm inside the restaurant or bar. Try a twinset with a sweater and shell.

4. Keep in mind that a top with a complicated pattern or texture warrants a simple bottom, and vice versa.

5. Nix light-colored jeans for darker, indigo ones. Tinker with skirt and pant lengths, wearing capri pants or a skirt that cuts just below the knee.

6. Choose shoes to match. Clunky shoes with thick soles pair well with jeans; try teaming skirts with dainty-heeled mules.

7. Paint your toenails if you're wearing open-toed shoes.

8. Remember accessories. Try gemstone stud earrings if you have short-cropped hair. Wear a simple necklace with a scoop-neck shirt and show off your neck.

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Scalloped Corset Dress

Gucci Cognac Embossed Leather Horsebit Clutch Evening Bag

Valentino Pink Satin Crystal Beaded Evening Bag

Sequined and mirror work purple silk Indian party dress

Black Strapless Chiffon Dress

Ed Hardy Womens Black Rose Dress

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Designer Wedding Dresses ship FREE - 0% sales tax!